The Wanderer

Simple. Independent. She is a contradiction of sorts. A realistic idealist. A practical dreamer. She studied Intercultural Studies during college with a major in Diplomacy and International Relations, something that further brought out her love for learning and discovering new things about different countries, cultures, and people. She has a penchant for books, travel, World Cup, languages, and puppies. Coffee and beautiful journals fit in somewhere in the mix too. Oh, and food.

When she's not busy traveling or dreaming about traveling, she's trying to write historical fiction, but more often than not, finds herself distracted on Pinterest. Other than, she works at a homeschool organization as the events organizer and hopes to one day become a wedding event coordinator.

While she loves traveling to different places in different countries and distant corners of the world, she finds that some corners are quite close to home, and some alleyways hold more mystery than the pyramids of Egypt or the canals of Venice (though she wouldn't mind going there too!). She loves walking, wandering, wondering.

This blog, Lyz on Top of the World, is dedicated to thoughts, memories, distant whispers of sunsets and golden faerie dust—all taken from the place where they hover on the air above her head and slapped down on electronic paper where she can see it, and where she can share it with the world. It is a journal of sorts, letters to herself for when she is older or when she is too caught up with the mundane, forgetting what are the things that really matter. She hopes to record stories of her travels, but in the moments when she is still, she hopes to see beyond the normal into the beauty of ordinary days.