Stinky Tofu, Tanghulurs, and Other Street Food in Taiwan



When a self-confessed foodie goes to a new place, of course she's going to Google what kinds of foods to eat there.

My siblings and I went to Taiwan just before 2016 ended. It was an adventure of many firsts—first time for all of us to go to Taiwan, first time for two of my siblings to be out of the country, first time for all of us to travel somewhere without our family, first time for some of us to experience a weather colder than the usual 26-28 degrees Celsius we have in Manila.

Of course, we Googled where to stay, where to go, what to do, and most importantly, what to eat. Taiwan, apparently, is one of the best food trip destinations, with all their famous street foods and night markets We didn't get to eat all that we wanted to, but these are some of the best and tastiest street food we got to try.

Why Davao Has Become a Home in the South



I like diversity. I like changes in scenery. I like long, winding roads and forest trails; I like beaches and infinity pools. I like mountains and hills, valleys and rivers.

From the mountains to the beaches

They say that one of the best things about Davao is that you can go from the mountains to the beaches and back again in one whole day. If you are looking for a variation beyond nature trails and winding mountain paths, you can take a quick drive down to the beach. Boats are available for rent, as well as snorkelling gear. Soon, you will feel the salty spray of the sea and smell the summer ocean breeze, touseling your hair and warming your face.