It's Been a Great Year of Adventure, 2016



Oh, wow, haven't the last couple of months been busy? I've been reflecting on my trips this year (with the help of, which is an site that generates your best nine photos on Instagram), my planner, and my blog posts (or lack thereof).

Some memorable moments for me this 2016 (that include both travel and regular, everyday things):

  • Learned how to drive.
  • Travelled to the three island groups of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. For some of them, I even went back a second time (mainly for work, but still...).
  • Conquered a larger part of my fear of open seas. Because a lot of my travels included island-hopping and snorkelling, I learned to let go of some fears and enjoy the creation around me. I can't say I'm the most fearless of adventurers, but, baby steps, and we'll see what will happen in the next adventure.
  • Travelled with my family—and for the first time, we were complete (yay!). Through the kindness of a dear family friend, we got to go to Davao, stayed at one of the best places, had the best of times snorkelling and island-hopping, ate the best of cuisines. If ever I were given the choice to relocate somewhere else in the Philippines, it would be to Davao.
  • Had an adventure trip with two of my closest bestest friends. Hello, Ilocos Norte and Sur! Let's say this trip was about a year or so in the making. And we were so thrilled to have it finally push through last September. Here's to more adventure and explorations, Triplets!
  • Travelled abroad for the first time without an "adult" to guide me. Hello, adulting! My sister and I went to Hong Kong in the middle of this year, and as the older one, the responsibility of finding accommodations, making sure we would get off in the right stops and not get lost, planning and scheduling the right itinerary fell on my shoulders mostly. Good thing she is a trooper. And we came back safe and sound, so we're ready to do it again.
  • Watched Les Miserables on stage for the first time!
  • Got to see Pentatonix in concert again (second time).
  • Went rock climbing.
  • Got featured in a webzine: Let's Go Wonder!
How about you? What were your most memorable moments and adventures in 2016?

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