Adventures in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Day 3: Island-Hopping



Note: Wow, this post is overdue. Way overdue. Like one year behind overdue. But I have been taking a class here and there about Blogging and Content Marketing with Shaw Academy, and I've been learning that consistency is key. And in work, I have been learning to close the loop, to not leave any nail unhammered, any candlestick unpolished, any pie unbaked. I may not be able to post everyday or every week, but I will do my best to post once or twice a month.

We saved the island-hopping in Honda Bay for our third day in Puerto Princesa. They say that if you're in a big group, it's cheaper to customise your own tour and pay for the boat and entrance fees to each island, but if you're only 2-4 persons, it's better to get one of those fixed tours where they group you with other people. Puerto Princesa has a lot of those—tourist shops lined along the streets where you can book all sorts of tours. Even bed and breakfast inns and hotels have them, so we just had ours arrange by Casitas.