27 Things I'm Grateful for at 27 Years



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Note: This is not enough to count all the blessings I have received in a lifetime and the blessings I receive everyday. But it is a list from my heart, a list of gratitude for all the people, circumstances, blessings in my life. So, in no particular order, here are things off the top of my head—things I'm truly grateful for:

  1. Abba Father—first and foremost, for all He has given me and for all He is to me
  2. Family—they've been with me through thick and thin. Well, it's not like they have a choice, really. *wink*
  3. Friends and relatives—those I bump into again after so long a time, those I don't see except for online these days, those who show up for reunions and make me laugh so hard I can't breathe, those who insist that our cup of coffee and slice of cake is their treat and that we would be breaking their hearts if we insisted, those who give me gorgeous French magazines and books, those who love in their own quiet, special ways.
  4. The Triplets—there are some friendships that just naturally fall into place. This is one of them and they are two very close, very dear friends who gave me the surprise of my life last Sunday, the day before my actual birthday. I had no idea they had long been plotting behind my back. You guys know I'm wary of surprises, but this was the best one ever. And I'm not thankful for them just because they surprise me and give me presents, but because they are people I can lean on when I walk through the valley of the shadow or climb sky-high mountains or walk narrow paths that never seem to end. Because they are my soul sisters, my kindred spirits, and any Anne-of-Green-Gables fan knows the whole world that belongs in those two words.
  5. GReG—my discipleship group in college and even until now. We part ways for several days, but when we meet again, it's always like no time has passed in between. Parea again, please?
  6. My work. I mean it. I know I get stressed sometimes, but I really appreciate all that my work has taught me and how my employers always push to bring out the best in me.
  7. Ministry with the Faith Gospel Singers.
  8. Books—a given, I know, but books have really opened my eyes to worlds unknown.
  9. Events (at least those ones past)—and the many lessons learned while staging them.
  10. Les Miserables Manila—first of many things. Definitely not the last.
  11. Spas—had my first experience with spas/massages last February and again last Sunday. I. Love. It.
  12. Online #RALs with Twitter friends. North and South last year, Little Women this year. Reading books has never been so much fun.
  13. Some Hallmark films that bring out the hopeless romantic in me that I refuse to admit.
  14. Driving lessons!—if you had asked me to drive five years ago, I'd have said no. I used to be terrified of the thought of driving in the Philippines. Perhaps not so anymore.
  15. A fun evening at Spectrum Fairmont Makati
  16. A little box full of encouraging notes (and wishes for my love life, haha!)
  17. Spotify
  18. A possible summer vacation and a chance to explore something new, as well as a possible other vacation and a chance to explore something else also new. This Wishful Traveler is, prayerfully, hopefully, fingers-crossedly, going to finally become the Adventurer she has always aspired to be.
  19. Online classes and the opportunity to learn something new each time. And language classes that I need to start doing again.
  20. Captain America: Civil War—coming out near my birthday (if I close my eyes and imagine really hard, I believe Chris Evans planned for it to come out near my birthday—yes, a girl can dream)
  21. Bizu cakes from the office—tiramisu is love!
  22. Calligraphy—I'm starting it again with a different kind of pen this time that will allow me to write more "freestyle"
  23. This blog
  24. Summer dresses
  25. Make-up—especially matte lipsticks
  26. Tomorrows—"a new day with no mistakes in it yet." (Anne of Green Gables)
  27. Future hopes and dreams—I can't share all of it right now, but let us see how things happen as they, well, happen. Let's just say that life is exciting and that there is much to do, much to pray about, much to be hopeful for.


  1. Happy Birthday and more to come!!! Looking forward to experience your driving. <3


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