Foodventure: Sandwicheese by Banapple



Location: SM North The Block Skygarden
Cuisine: American (burgers, fries, pasta)
Prices: Ranging between P80-120 for sides; P120-200 for sandwiches/burgers
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 4/5

There's this restaurant that opened recently at SM North The Block, Sandwicheese by Banapple, which is out in the Skygarden, just beside its sister restaurant, Banapple. The location of Sandwicheese is a rather difficult location to attract customers, in the sense that the previous restaurants that have been there never really stayed that long. The last one before Sandwicheese was Zabo Chicken, which our family really liked, but I guess the Filipino palates are not really fans of the Mediterranean cuisine (too bad!).
Sandwicheese looks like it's going to stay for a longer time, however. At least, we certainly hope so! I had dinner twice in a row there. That's just how delicious there food is! And I love the fact that we can order from Banapple and they will just deliver it over to us at Sandwicheese, especially since the tables at Banapple are almost always full.

The ambiance at Sandwicheese is casual and friendly with bright lights and cute sandwich/burger ingredients on one part of the wall. It's an over-the-counter-ordering type, but they bring the food to your table. It can get pretty cold in one corner, so you might want to bring a sweater or shawl. Since they're only on soft launch, not all the items they have are on the Menu yet, so you have to check their TV screens, brochures, and counter ads just in case they have something you might want to try.

salsa + cheese nachos - P80.00
Gotta love the jalapeƱos! If you love spicy food, this is a must!

seasoned fries - P60.00
A little bit salty, but a great deal more delicious than regular fast food fries.

grilled cheese & veggies sandwicheese - P150.00
With mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, bell pepper.

drippin' roast beef sandwicheese - P160.00
Really beefy and really cheesy; these are so big, actually, that you can share them!

cheesy roast beef sandwicheese - P160.00
Equally delicious as the one above.

house burger sandwicheese - P170.00
Gotta love the caramelized onions. And this comes from someone who is not really fond of them.

simple burger sandwicheese - P165.00
Perhaps one of my favorites. Look at how big it is!

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