First Experiences: "On My Way Home" Tour Manila (Pentatonix)



First experiences are quite the thing, really.
First time to attend a "non-sectarian" (as my friend put it), non-choir concert.
First time to watch Pentatonix (whom I have great admiration for).
I am torn between deciding my favorite part of the night.

Was it when the lights suddenly turned off, when we heard the first note before everything was overpowered by the screams and whistles of adoring fans?
Was it when Kevin did his cello-boxing, which is something I have always wanted to see? (And, by the way, after a while, you forget that he is the one beatboxing while playing the cello.)
Was it when a thousand stars (mobile phones, really) lit the auditorium like the expanse of a heavenly canopy during the song Standing By?
Was it when the fans banded together to sing the parts they taught us of On My Way Home? Or when the group huddled together to sing their original That's Christmas to Me sans microphones?

No words can express.

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