Next Destination: Hong Kong



In a couple of weeks or so, I'll be wending my way through the streets of Hong Kong. Not for the first time, though. I recall—in a very hazy frame of mind— making a couple of posts (culture customs, etiquette, etc.) about the country before going there last year. I recall coming back hoping to make a couple posts or so about my adventures there. Unfortunately, life often turns out like nothing at all planned. (Sigh.) And now I am going back and I have not yet ever posted anything about my first trip.
I must remedy that.

When I return, perhaps. As much as I want to post something, I have to finish some work- and non-work-related matters so I can at least enjoy the time I will be spending there. Same as last year, it will be a mission trip with my choirmates.

We have at least a day of rest and recreation as well. Any suggestions where we should go? Last year, I went to the Tung Chung mall, the Hollywood-ish place where the celebrities have their hand print or signature (I forget which is which) on the ground, the museum and the cultural center, and a temple and monastery. I didn't get to visit Noah's Ark, Big Buddha, or Victoria Peak. I didn't even get to see the famous Symphony of Lights Show! Would you recommend those places?

In the meantime, there's this delightful collection of Hong Kong Street Photography. Enjoy looking! I recognize some of the places from last year's visit.

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