Adventures in Palawan: City Tour



Palawan. They call it the paradise of people who love swimming and snorkeling. It is rich with diverse marine life, rich with places to sight-see and visit, rich with tourist spots, islands, and adventure. Palawan is where the Underground River—one of the New Seven Wonders of the World—is.

I got to visit Puerto Princesa for the first time (yay!) last November for a team building. Our first day was spent on a city tour. We visited Mitra's Ranch, Baker's Hill, Binuatan Creations, and the place to buy pasalubong before having dinner in one of the Chicken Inato restaurants.

Good-bye, Manila!

About to land. So this is the beautiful Palawan!

A glimpse of the airport.

Tricycles. Also known as "taxicles" as there are no cabs in Puerto Princesa.
How I wish they were this big in Manila!

First stop: Lunch at Rene's Saigon. It is owned and run by Rene, who is half-Vietnamese. They serve many Vietnamese dishes, including the famous iced coffee and French bread.

La Villa Princesa—the quaint little bed-and-breakfast that became our home for the few days we were there

Mitra's Ranch

Home of many delicious pastries and delicacies!

Weaving farm where they sell many products that have all been woven, such as bags, purses, pencil cases, bookmarks, place-mats, table runners, etc.

Trying out this weaving thing. Ach, it is so difficult! How do the weavers do it so quickly? and so neatly, too!

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