Hundred Islands in the Philippines



The Hundred Islands is located in Pangasinan, one of the provinces in the Philippines. It is a well-known tourist spot, attracting visitors the whole year round. I had the opportunity to go there for the first time last November 2011.

In order to explore the Hundred Islands, you have to rent a boat in Alaminos, one of the towns in Pangasinan. Some tourist packages include a tour guide and lunch.

The tour guide and the driver of the boat (what do you call him?) will take you to explore the many different islands, pointing out sights and sounds along the way.

Many of the islands have caves where you can go and explore. Some of them have dead ends. Others become too narrow that it is impossible to continue. Others have a 20-feet dive into the sea below (no, I did not try that out).

In one of the islands, "Governor's Island," there is the Pinoy Big Brother House, somewhat famous for housing the people who participated in the reality TV series just before the season ended.

Top of the world! Snapshot from the highest point in the whole Hundred Islands.

The stretch of the beach in Marcos Island.

One of the islands where it's best to swim. A few meter away, there is a place for snorkeling.

Some of the shells we collected from Children's Island.

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