Adventures in Palawan: City Tour



Palawan. They call it the paradise of people who love swimming and snorkeling. It is rich with diverse marine life, rich with places to sight-see and visit, rich with tourist spots, islands, and adventure. Palawan is where the Underground River—one of the New Seven Wonders of the World—is.

I got to visit Puerto Princesa for the first time (yay!) last November for a team building. Our first day was spent on a city tour. We visited Mitra's Ranch, Baker's Hill, Binuatan Creations, and the place to buy pasalubong before having dinner in one of the Chicken Inato restaurants.

Etiquette: Hong Kong



Disclaimer: This post is based on research across various resources. Observations are not mine. Resources are below.

Just as I said I would in a previous post, I have done some research on the etiquette of Hong Kong, as a preparation before we leave in less than a couple of weeks. While our main objective is to minister to OFWs, we will definitely be encountering the natives. Some of the etiquettes are quite familiar, as we apply it in our family/daily life. I am half-Chinese after all, and bits and pieces of Chinese etiquette have been passed down to us from my dad and grandparents.

The Importance of Learning About Another Country Before Going to It



It's the 3rd of April. In 22 days, I will be stepping on board a plane and leaving for a mission trip to Hong Kong. While I'm pretty excited, there's also this sense of caution that I have when going to new places. It's not because I'm reluctant. I love to travel and visit different countries, actually. I love going to different places and learning new things. I'm cautious because each place (each city, even), has its own culture, that could be the same as the culture we are accustomed to, or something totally different.

Hundred Islands in the Philippines



The Hundred Islands is located in Pangasinan, one of the provinces in the Philippines. It is a well-known tourist spot, attracting visitors the whole year round. I had the opportunity to go there for the first time last November 2011.

In order to explore the Hundred Islands, you have to rent a boat in Alaminos, one of the towns in Pangasinan. Some tourist packages include a tour guide and lunch.